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Service Price's Scientific Services, Inc. is a company offering specialized refrigeration, incubator and Scientific equipment repair for the medical and research facilities. We specialize in repair and modification of all brands of Ultra Low Freezers, Laboratory refrigerators and freezers, Blood Bank refrigerators, Plasma Freezers, Refrigerated incubators, B.O.D. incubators, Freeze driers, Water baths, ovens, shakers, ice machines and Environmental rooms. Price's Scientific Service, Inc is a factory authorized/warranty service center representing:       All repairs are made using factory authorized techniques utilizing the latest technology. We stock an inventory of frequently needed factory authorized parts. In addition to warranty repairs, equipment design and custom modification services are available.
We offer quality service and repair  in the field of specialized refrigeration and electronic controls to members of the medical and research community.   We carry a wide range of Alarms / Data Loggers / Phone Dialers / CO2 & LN2 Backup Systems / Time Delay Modules / Power Delay Start Up Units.  We also have refurbished 4c through -80c freezers and refrigerators available. .
Our Preventive Maintenance Program offers protection for your research product by identifying and repairing problems in the early stages thus reducing your repair costs.
We take great pride in providing prompt professional service and offer a selection of 4c to -150c Ultra Low Temperature emergency rental freezers and refrigerators available to eliminate the possibility of sample loss while your unit is being repaired. We also have long or short term lease freezers & refrigerators available.
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