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Preventive Maintenance Our PM program is designed to Reduce Product loss and help Avoid System Failures.  This is accomplished by locating and repairing problems in the early stage which reduces overall repair costs. The PM service is tailored to each end users needs.  We keep a history record for each unit that can be accessed through our computer tracking system.  After each PM, a report is provided to the end user.  This report will also include any equipment problems or needed repairs. The Service includes: - Check condenser fan motor and blade for proper operation - Clean air cooled filter and condenser coil - Check hinges and handles for proper operation - Check internal alarm system/bulbs/battery/relays/sonolert - Check temperature controller operation - Check inner and outer gaskets - Check exposed refrigerant lines - Check electrical connections and amps - Check external alarm operation/batteries and CO2/LN2 backup system operation *Any problems found during the PM visit requiring additional service, those parts, and labor will be billed through a separate service call and purchase order. 
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